Custom Mouthguard Darien, CT

Darien CT family dentist Dr. David Pereira recommends the use of a custom fit sports mouthguard for patients of ALL ages who participate in contact sports. Protecting the teeth, gums and oral appliances such as braces can prevent permanent damage and even tooth loss in the event of an accident on the field.

Benefits of Custom Mouth Guards

Dr. Pereira emphasizes the benefits of using a mouth guard that is custom fit for you vs. readily available over the counter options:

  • Custom fit reduces or eliminates irritation of the gums and soft tissues of the mouth
  • More comfortable, snug fit designed specifically for your teeth
  • Better compliance among kids and teens due to the ability to easily drink fluids with the mouth guard in place
  • Maximum protection in the event of an accident or collision; early studies indicate they may also reduce mild concussions

Recent studies have shown an increase in athletic performance when wearing a custom mouthguard because your body does not have to waste energy biting down on the appliance to keep it in place- a common problem with most over the counter options.

Dr. Pereira will take impressions of your teeth to be used in fabricating your custom appliance, which will take a couple of weeks. Once ready, you can pick it up and hit the field with the confidence that you are providing the best possible protection for you or your young athlete- no boiling, molding or cutting required!

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