Darien, CT Dentist Office Patient Testimonials

  • "I had a wonderful experience. The staff is incredibly professional, friendly and wanting to help. Spa music was playing while I had my cleaning and it was very relaxing (not something I ever thought I would say about a trip to the dentist!)"
    — Elizabeth A
  • "I was delighted to be Dr. Pereira's patient for a new crown (made same day/within 2 hours!!) and replacement filing and a cleaning with their hygienist. The attentiveness of his staff starts from the moment you enter their waiting room, which is appointed with comfortable chairs and nice artwork. It was quite remarkable witness how seamlessly Dr. P. worked with his dental assistants as they skillfully approached my complex case and made it look routine. The hygienist was thorough and methodical, with a professional and friendly personality. The reception staff was friendly and helpful. Signed..."looking forward to my recall appointment" Thanks to one and all!"
    Gabriella R.
  • "Brittany is the best dental hygienist I've ever had. She goes far beyond just cleaning my teeth. She is extremely knowledgeable and brings great enthusiasm to her job. She gave me a complete rundown of my dental health status and recommendations for the future. It's clear she cares a lot about my teeth."
    James F.
  • "I’ve never been excited about going to the dentist until I started going to Dental Arts of Darien.
    Anouchka And Dr. Pereira are so warm, caring and welcoming, it feels more like visiting some old
    friends instead of going for a dental cleaning, not to mention my teeth feel great afterwards as well.
    After trying other dental offices out of convenience and not having a great experience, it’s worth the
    trip for me to go somewhere I feel at home."
    Christina M.
  • "Brittney was fabulous. Got my teeth cleaned after not having them done for over a year. They look
    and feel great. Very comfortable visit. I will be back in 6 months."
    Stacey J.
  • "Anouchka and Dr. Pereira are great! Highly recommended. I always look forward to my visit,,,,to the dentist.!....yes!"
    Jaques B
  • "I had a terrific experience. Everyone was very helpful and professional. I’ll be back and bring my
    David N.
  • "Dr. Pereira and his staff are truly exceptional. He is extremely kind, thorough, and diligent, his dental hygenist, Brittany, is also incredibly kind and patient, and they have always gone above and beyond to take care of me and my family. I cannot recommend this practice enough."
    Jean G.
  • "As always, my visit was 100% satisfactory. Everyone in the office is great and 100% supportive. Many thanks, Clint"
    Clint B.
  • "Dr. David is super patient with my very nervous daughter. Supporting staff great as well."
    Penelope M
  • "Always the best experience! Anoushka always makes a trip to the dentist a pleasure."
    Gregory H.
  • "We have been with Annouska for 14 years. She is the best professional and takes a real interest in the kids and our family. She goes the extra mile. The whole office and staff are great."
    Elizabeth B
  • "Dr. Pereira and his team helped me on short notice with an emergency crown. They took extra care to keep me comfortable and were able to produce a flawless looking tooth in their lab. Excellent dentistry and a friendly staff made this a much easier experience than anticipated. Highly recommend!"
    Alisa M.
  • "Thank you for always being so clean and safe!"
    Willow B.
  • "People are friendly and addressed the problem quickly."
    Josephine P
  • "These folks are great! Starting with Dr. Dave on down. Great staff!"
    John V.
  • "Dr. Pereira is extremely knowledgeable and he does beautiful work. He has been taking care of my smile for many years. Anouchka, is the best. She makes my teeth squeaky clean. I look forward to my appointments with her!. I recommend dental arts to all my family and friends."
    Viviane P.
  • "Always a pleasure seeing the staff at Darien Arts of Darien and coming away with CLEAN teeth"
    Lynn A.
  • "Dr. Pereira and his staff are excellent, recommend them highly"
    William T.
  • "Dr. Pereira and his team are amazing. It took us 5 years to find a dentist and cleaning team that suited us and our kids. Dr. P is gentle with kids and works skillfully to build their trust. Further, the team members are knowledgeable, professional and pragmatic, so I completely trust judgment. A rarity. 5 stars all the way. Superb sanitation during COVID is a plus!"
    Laura M.
  • "I hate dental work but every time I go I am so pleased with the work that Dr. Pereira and his team deliver. His exam rooms have state of the art everything and Dr. Pereira is very good at what he does. I am a very happy patient!"
    Laurie D
  • "Great service-both dental & mental"
    William B.
  • "Best Dentist, office staff and office I’ve ever had."
    William B.
  • "I had a great visit. The plan was laid out and easy to understand and the dental work was done as
    gently as possible. Highly recommended."
    Jarret L.
  • "Brittany was great no pain, very personable, and did a terrific job. Thanks"
    Felix B
  • "Dr. Pereira and team do a wonderful job, high customer satisfaction, on time, polite, funny and all very skilled at what they do! Thanks for making my experience a positive one on a very consistent basis! Keep up fantastic work!"
    David H.
  • "I visited Darien Dental Arts for my very first appointment and loved the experience. The office is beautiful, I feel like Britney, the hygenist, is my new bestie and she clearly is an expert at what she does. I look forward to returning in August!"
    Jennifer M.
  • "This was my first visit and it was exceptional. The office is clean, modern and warm. No waiting time. Everyone was friendly, professional and helpful. Procedures were quick and painless. You can tell people like working there. I highly recommend!"
    Scott A
  • "Dr. Pereira and his staff are just amazing. They make you feel comfortable, they are on time and they truly care about your dental health."
    Kevin Sr U
  • "Professional, courteous and kind"
    Piper G.
  • "No matter how routine your dental needs are, you'll find yourself in the presence of top-flight DDSs
    and support staff."
    Gabriella R.
  • "Awesome! I just wish I’ve found this practice before"
    Eva V.
  • "The staff is so nice and the office is extremely clean. COVID Safe!"
    Rachael C
  • "Great experience at the practice. My new home for any dental issues."
    Chari B
  • "Everyone in the office was very friendly and helpful. The office was very clean and everything was efficient. Probably the best experience I've ever had at a dentist."
    Eric M.
  • "Everyone at Dr. Pereira's office was knowledgeable and professional. Special thanks to Tiago for explaining his work. I was surprised that I didn't have to pay a co-pay but was told that everything will go through my insurance. I'm happy with both my experience and the results. Thanks!"
    John O.
  • "Dr. Pereira and his time were amazing. I had put off doing much needed dental work until I finally didn’t have a choice. I had been recommended to see Dr. Pereira and so glad I did. He explained things thoroughly and took the time to make me feel at ease. A very positive experience!"
    Michelle L
  • "Another delightful visit which included a cleaning/prophylaxis and recommendations about dealing with some tricky crowns which need a little bit more TLC. The office is always abuzz with dentists who are very present, very attentive and a support staff who follow in step, consistently, I might add!"
    Gabriella R
  • "Excellent! Very professional, polite and thorough!"
    — Christina M.
  • "Great service from reception to cleaning to dentistry. Highly recommend."
    David R.
  • "Thank you for Everything"
    Victoria R.
  • "Very easy and professional visit. Thank you"
    Kermit C.
  • "The entire staff is wonderful. Beautiful office, minimal wait time for appointments."
    Jennifer M.
  • "The staff is all very kind and courteous, always make me feel at home."
    Andrew R.
  • "Dental Arts of Darien was wonderful!"
    Emily G.
  • "Dr. Pereira is extremely knowledgeable, talented and friendly and it's reflected in his staff as well.
    TONS of high tech equipment to enhance your dental experience and achieve excellent results. I
    highly recommend them. Dental Arts is a totally accurate description of their practice."
    Mark T
  • "Overall Very Satisfied with my visit"
    Mark P.
  • "Top Notch Dentists in Darien
    Dr. Pereira and his entire team are fantastic. Somehow they take the unpleasant experience of going to the dentist and make it not only palatable but enjoyable. I’ve been there many times and never spent more than a few minutes in the lobby. Cleanings are thorough but not uncomfortable. Very
    skilled and attentive with Invisalign. Attractive, well furnished office with a kids area. Highly personable, pleasant staff. My entire family will go here indefinitely"
    Justin M.
  • "Swift, professional, thorough, as always"
    Richard L
  • "Highly recommend
    New patient. Everyone in the office is great. No wait time. So glad I started going here."
    Caitlyn P.
  • "Always a great visit or at least as great as it can be going to the dentist"
    John F
  • "Truely Excellent Experience
    This was the most pleasant experience in a dentist's office I've ever had! I could not recommend Dr. Pereira and his team more highly. Delicate cleaning, lovely office space, and state of the art technology."
    Alicia J.
  • "Excellent service. Easy to make appointments, multiple reminders are sent via text and email. All are
    knowledgable and friendly. Lucky to have found them AND they accept our insurance as well"
    Kimberly H
  • "The best team! Efficient, Smart, Friendly!"
    Sarah K.
  • "Recently came in for a teeth cleaning with Michelle. The office is very clean and the staff is extremely nice and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. I will definitely be coming back for another cleaning in a few months!"
    Francesco S.
  • "I was having terrible pain and have always been afraid of the dentist. I had heard of Dr. Pereira through a friend, he took my call on a weekend and managed to see me right away. Took care of my issue and I was able to get back to work with minimal downtime. I would definitely recommend him for his warm caring bedside manner and attention to detail. He takes care of me and my family now for the last 3 years."
    Hannah P.
  • "Dr. Pereira was very thorough and attentive. He was very patient with my discomfort with dentists (because who really LIKES dentists anyways?). He put my favorite music on to help me relax. His staff was very friendly and patient. Would absolutely return."
    Catherine H.
  • "Dr Pereira is a dedicated professional with a passion for Dentistry. His staff is wonderful and knowledgeable and they have the most up to date equipment. You will enjoy the offices and the wonderful artwork and views from every room. I highly recommend Dental Arts of Darien."
    William B.
  • "Great experience with Dr. Pereira. Happy to have him as my dental provider for me and my family."
    George A.
  • "I just had the beginning of some extensive dental work and Dr. Perrira is filling some big shoes. He is warm, funny and caring. Dr. Presti would be proud! The staff are so friendly and compassionate."
    Grace T.
  • "I’ve know Dr Pereira for many years. Not only is he a fine dentist but a great man of integrity!"
    Vincent T.
  • "I’ve just finished two appointments with Dr. David Pereira – he’s kind, caring and very personable. He took the time to explain the work that I needed and the follow up. I give him an excellent rating – I think that he’s stepped into a tough spot, taking over Dr. Presti’s caseload. I’d recommend him and this practice to anyone looking for a dentist. Anouchka and Cheryl are there, as always, making you want to stay awhile."
    Beverly B.
  • "Dr. Pereira is a very talented and patient dentist. He had some big shoes to fill but I am extremely happy with him and his staff. Anoushka is a great hygienist and Cheryl is always welcoming with her big smile. I am so happy to have such a great practice nearby. Highly recommended!!"
    Lauren S.
  • "Besides being such a luxurious office, the staff is so pleasant and after meeting with Dr. David Pereira o couldn’t wait for my next appointment. I was having some discomfort was frantically looking for a dentist I could see right away. I called the office and the staff was so pleasant and told me to come right in. After filling out my paper work I went in to see the doctor. I was so pleased that there was a beautiful window with a view ! Dr. David was courteous, impeccable dressed and so knowledgable. The visit was so quick and he prescribed me medication to manage my pain and heal my ailment. Checking out with the staff was also so pleasant everyone had smiles and I even bought a electric toothbrush with the retail value of $219.00 for only $179 at the office! A few hours after my visit the doctor called to see how I was reacting to the medication and to see if I was feeling any relief, I have never in my life had this level of service at a dentist office. I am so pleased at the level of professionalism and compassion the whole team showed to me. Dr. Pereira will be my dentist for life along with all of my friends and colleagues !"
    Sabrina D.
  • "I had heard of Dr. Pereira through a friend, he took my call on a weekend and managed to see me right away. I would definitely recommend him for his warm caring bedside manner and attention to detail. He takes care of me and my family now for the last 3 years."
    Hanna P.

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